Our Team

Mike Williamson, Founder and President

Mr. Williamson has over 40 years experience in the marine geophysics and acoustics industry. Prior to launching Williamson & Associates in 1983, he was the president of Hydrotask Inc, also an ocean engineering geophysical consulting firm. He was a geophysicist for the INCO Deep Ocean Mining Project, who were the first to conduct large scale recovery of manganese nodules from the deep ocean. In the late 1960s, he was a U.S. Navy diving and salvage Officer in Vietnam. His current responsibilities include development and planning, supervision of logistics, and client liaison. During the past 33 years he has served as  the Chief Scientist or Survey Party Chief on numerous geophysical cruises for commercial clients, universities and research institutes and governmental agencies. Mike holds a Masters Degree in Geological Oceanography from the University of Washington where he was also a PhD Civil Engineering Candidate. Mike is a licensed professional geologist with the State of Washington and an ACSM-certified Hydrographer.


Art Wright, Operations Manager

Mr. Wright is responsible for logistics, management of field operations and supervision of the operation of the company's sonars and seabed assessment systems. He has been associated with Williamson since 1986. He has presented papers at several "Oceans" and MTS conferences on the application of wide swath sidescan sonars for deep water searches and engineering investigations. He has been party chief on numerous pipeline and cable route surveys and deepwater searches for commercial and government clients. He holds a Coast Guard Masters License for all ships, all seas. He sailed as Chief Mate in the SL7, M/V Capella, during the Gulf War in 1991. Previous to Williamson, he was a commissioned officer in the United States Navy; retiring as a Captain; in the Navy he served as Commander of the Pacific Fleet mine group, commanded three ships, served on a variety of staffs and did several tours in Vietnam. Art has a Masters Degree in Acoustical Physics from the US Navy Postgraduate School and is an ACSM-certified Hydrographer.


Rob McCallum, Partner/VP Special Projects

For the last 15 years, Rob has arranged complex commercial and technical expeditions all around the world for Governments, the United Nations, private investors and commercial entities.  Rob previously served as the General Manager for Deep Ocean Expeditions for 7 years and was the expedition leader for the manned submersible expeditions to the RMS Titanic (3780m) and Bismarck (5500m) and a host of other manned Mir (6000m) submersible dives aboard Akademik Keldysh. He was the Operations Manager for Deep Ocean Quest during the rebuild of the MV Alucia, considered to be the worlds best deep-water expedition vessel.  Rob was the Vessel Manager for the Alucia’s debut mission to Brazil (the successful high profile search for Air France 447).  He was the in-country manager for James Cameron’s ‘Deep Challenger’ test program in Papua New Guinea immediately prior to the historic successful solo dive to the Marianas Trench.

Rob is a regular contributor to the print, radio and TV media, and is able to clearly articulate the technical and logistical efforts that make up a complex expedition.


Marcus Osmaston, Survey Manager

Mr. Osmaston, Survey Manager at Williamson is responsible for organizing and coordinating Williamson survey projects and managing a myriad of other active projects. This includes assisting in proposal writing, logistical planning and determining optimum survey solutions, plus participating in survey projects as a Party Chief and Geophysicist. Mr. Osmaston joined Williamson & Associates, Inc. in 2015 following his relocation from the UK where he worked for four years as a Project Manager at a geophysical survey company, specializing in geophysical and UXO data processing while managing more than a dozen projects with a combined value in excess of $6m. Marcus completed a Masters in Geology at the University of Southampton in 2010.


Michelle Walters, Office Manager

Michelle Walters, Office Manager at Williamson & Associates since 1999, is responsible for all daily office operations including accounting activities, oversight of general administrative duties, banking activities and human resources duties.  In addition to administrative oversight, Michelle handles Williamson's extensive sub-contractor resource base including all personnel logistics, travel, and communications.  For Survey and Engineering project support she is responsible for assisting with contract negotiations, project logistics including equipment and personnel and complete control of project financial tracking.  Michelle originally joined Williamson in 1994 as an administrative assistant.