Sidescan Imagery

Sidescan imagery is created by emitting a fan of sonar pulses along the seafloor.  It is capable of mapping large submerged areas and has countless functions.  Sidescanning can help create nautical charts, aide in the search for underwater objects, works especially well to detect debris, and in conjunction with other technologies can be used for bathymetric mapping.  Please click the images for a more detailed view of the scans.

AMS-150 Sidescan Sonar AMS-150 Sidescan Sonar Sidescan Sonar




Columbia River Channel Survey

Sidescan imagery from the Columbia River channel survey for the Army Corps of Engineers. The data was collected using the smaller AMS-150 sonar deployed from an 18ft converted fishing vessel demonstrating the feasibility of a portable, high performance sidescan system. The swath width is approximately 800ft. Notable features include large scale sandwaves, rocks, sunken logs and recent river dredge cutter marks.

AMS-120 Sidescan Sonar of a Wellhead

A sidescan record of a wellhead.

Oman-India Pipeline Route Survey

Here is a sidescan and subbottom profile record for the Oman-India pipeline route survey.  The data was collected on a 1000m swath in 2200m of water.  The elevation change in this record is 300m.